Monday, January 19, 2009

35 cents!

Yes, that is essentially what I paid per jar of peanut butter and pasta sauce. After getting a little fired up about couponing again after an enrichment meeting I set off on a money saving adventure. 2 years ago, in my pre-mommy days I was really into couponing but since having two kids I have lost my desire until now. So I decided to focus on a world of couponing I had never entered before...the drug store. I've always considered drug stores to be very over priced, but apparently these places like to give away products for free, and sometimes even PAY YOU to take them.

My adventure began with purchasing 5 copies of the Sunday paper (bought one, liked the coupons it had available so bought 4 more). Since I was buying them on Monday they were 50 cents cheaper than if I had bought them on Sunday, so score #1.

I brought home my stack of newspapers and score had an extra coupon packet, woohoo for errors that favor me. Next I came to my handy-dandy computer and googled "walgreens deals" since I have been told they have the best "program." I start looking through all the frugal mom type blogs and honestly get disappointed because there is really only one really good deal this week but I can see all the great bargins had in the previous weeks. Then A-HA, there is the deal I need to take advantage of...$1.99 for Skippy Peanut Butter (my favorite and since we all know I'm the world's pickiest eater that is saying a lot, right?) and Ragu Sauce. Then if I buy 8 of these products (mix and match) I get a $10 off my next order coupon (can we say all set for next week). In addition the paper had coupons for these products (40 cents off the peanut butter and 75 cents off two jars of sauce) and I had six copies of each of the coupons (remember 5 papers plus my bonus pack of coupons).'s the break down:
$26.72 full price for 2 jars of sauce (that was all they had, I'll hit them up for more later in the week and get another $10 off my next order) and 6 jars of PB
$12.77 price paid out of pocket after sale and coupons
$10 off my next order
So I essentially spent $2.77 which means 35 cents per item!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ringing in the New Year, Argentina Style

No pictures for this one because I'm lame and didn't think to take any but we decided to ring in the New Year with Nathan last night at 9pm, which happens to be midnight in Argentina. Jon and I did happen to make it to the real midnight but Nathan was a bit excited to drink his "hot juice" as he called it. Really it was sparkling grape juice and by hot he was thinking spicy not warmth, and really it wasn't spicy either but whatever.

Nathan has also enjoyed being a year older since today is also his second birthday. We spent the day at a U of D Mercy basketball game then then had cake, which much to our shock Nathan didn't even touch...he went for crackers and M&Ms instead...strange kid.