Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Blog

I will no longer be updating this blog. You can find updates about our move and new life in Arizona on a new blog...

It's kinda plain looking right now as I have not yet found the best wallpaper, but hopefully will get to spice it up a bit soon.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Our family update:

Ok, so life gets crazy and blogging totally gets pushed to the back burner. So after a very long blogging drought I am here to share some news with anyone who still checks in. Last month Jon was told he would be laid off at the end of the school year. His building is closing and the music department is shrinking. It would take 2 music teachers retiring for him to be called back full-time (if one retires then he'd be called back part-time). Then next year we would be in the exact same position since they will be closing 2 more schools.

Knowing a few months ago in our own minds that he would most likely be getting laid off (we can count and do math and also see the writing on the wall) we started planning to have him attend job fairs and once again a nationwide job search ensued. As you may know, our nationwide search efforts last year didn't yield a single phone call so we were very lucky he was called back full-time last year. This year we knew getting called back was NOT an option so we had to be very serious in our efforts.

Jon has been calling principals, talking with recruiters, etc. But all of this proved to be for nothing. Last Monday a friend he went to college with said that she had a friend in Arizona that worked for a district that was looking for a music teacher. This person contacted him asking for his number as her principla was very interested in talking with him. By Friday he was offered the job! In the end, as my daddy has always said, it's all about WHO you KNOW. So barring any major set backs we will be moving to Buckeye, AZ in 6 weeks! We don't forsee any set backs, but Jon has not yet signed the contract (offer came via phone near the close of the day on Friday, HR should be contacting him today).

It's time for an adventure! I have never been to AZ, Jon was there once as a kid visiting the Grand Canyon. We have to sell our house, find new housing, pack, make moving company arangements, get Jon certified to teach in AZ, and the list goes on!