Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We need to be healthier

That is what I have decided. We have all been so sick this winter that I think something needs to change. Now if only I knew how to go about making a major lifestyle change. Two problems I run into are that I am very LAZY (yes I freely admit that) and that I am a super-duper picky eater. I'd love to say that I can today just start making all our food from scratch and get an hour of exercise daily and get a full night's rest, etc but that's just so unrealistic. So I am going to attempt to make some goals to follow. The things we do aren't limited to these and this will not be an overnight change, it may take years to reach the desired outcome but these are some things we will be working on.

Kids in bed by 8 and Jon and I in bed by 10:30
Wake up by 6:30 daily (even on Saturday...ick), Kids up by 8
Kids afternoon nap/quiet time from 12:30-2:00 (Emily other naps as needed)
I get a short daily nap as well during the kids' nap time
Sunday naps for the whole family

Exercise/screen time:
With the weather warming up we should spend at least 1 hour outdoors playing everyday
Nathan may watch 1 movie per day or 2 TV shows (when there is nice weather)
No TV during the hours of 8-4 daily (when there is nice weather)
Limit mine and Jon's computer time to 1 hour per day

Buy natural and organic when possible
Prepare 1/2 our meals from scratch each week
Limit eating out to once a month
Increase intake of fruits and veggies
Increase intake of whole grains
Limit meat and dairy intake
Increase amount of water we all drink daily
Limit juice to 1 cup per day of 100% juice mixed with water
Limit sweets to one (serving) per day
Make homemade bread regularly
Buy a wheat grinder and wheat

Health Care:
Avoid unnecessary medical intervention to allow immune systems to strengthen
Learn to identify when medical intervention is necessary
Regular chiropractic care


jennifer said...

these are GREAT! you will feel so much better.

MotherToMany said...

You really shouldn't limit your proteins. You should limit RED meats like steak & hamburger but not your chicken, turkey, pork and fishes. Milk is a good source of protein as well but make sure is it skim milk or fat free milk.

Buy frozen veggies and steam them. The new Zip 'n Steam bags are WONDERFUL. I love them so much. We love broccoli but I hate cooking them in water. Many frozen veggies now come in ready to steam bags where you just toss them into the microwave for a few minutes and they are ready to eat! Try some Edamame. We bought some int he steam bag and they are surprisingly good and packed full of protein(be sure to shell them before you eat them though). I know you have PCOS and I know you love your carbs, but try increasing your proteins more than your carbs and you'll find a huge difference in how you feel.

Good Luck!

Michelle said...

Thanks Stephanie, my health guru!

Eliza said...

Wanted to add that I agree with the milk comment...we've gone one step further and we drink raw, organic milk (not pasteurized or homogenized)...it helps stengthen immunities and my son and I can drink it (we're both very lactose intolerant, but the good bacteria is left in making it easier to digest) I also make my yogurt, cream cheese, whey and sour cream from that which makes life much cheaper! Plus, it's super easy (which you would like!) Also, making broths is a great way to stretch out your proteins, plus, it's super duper healthy and makes your house smell great. My local fish guy gives me carcasses for free and I use the broth to cook brown rice etc. You should check out "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon...great tips on cooking from scratch in easy ways...many of her ideas are also on the Weston Price Foundation website (and if you're into natural, non-immunizing, cloth diapering style of parenting, you would LOVE this site)

Oh, if you interested in Raw milk, MI is slightly different than CA (we can buy it in stores)...anyways, you have to have a cow share...go here to find places where you can have a "share" of a cow: http://www.realmilk.com/

Eliza said...

So, did some looking...I think the closest place is here: http://www.oliverfarms.com/1/oliver/index.asp

They also have soy-free, organic meat and eggs...plus, full range of dairy products. It's a co-op, so prices are much cheaper (I wish I could get a soy-free, organic chicken for $3.50/lb)

Michelle said...

Thanks Eliza, when I have some time I will have to look into all of that.