Thursday, May 28, 2009

Job Hunt Update

Not that there is much to report. We have applied to probably close to 30 jobs and have yet to hear anything from any of them. It's still early, but still discouraging. Most of the jobs we have applied for are in Texas (big state with a love for music so lots of band openings). We've also heard of some prospects here in MI but we REALLY want to move, it's time for a change. Jon's current district is doing a "restaffing" and there is one possible thing they could do that would give Jon his old job back. That was supposed to happen yesterday so I don't know when or if we will hear anything but it would be nice to have that job security back again, just in case nothing else comes through.


Eliza said...

I'll keep your family in my prayers! I hope you get a call soon!

Michelle said...

Thanks Eliza. We have applied for all the jobs you found for us.

jennifer said...

Best of luck. Texas would definitely be a fun move.