Friday, September 11, 2009

My Vent/PSA for the day!

USE THE CROSSWALKS!!!!! They are there for a reason people. Seriously, why would anyone be stupid enough to cross a 7 lane road not in a crosswalk? I can not tell you how many idiots I see crossing a major 7 lane road near my house that just cross where ever they feel like it. Today took the cake though, some girl decided to cross (mind you she was in between 2 crosswalks that should could have walked to in less than about 2 minutes) the road and just stop in the middle of the lane I was driving in. I had to come to almost a complete stop.

I often see people standing in the center turn lane just waiting, or at night when people wearing dark clothing cross or stand in the center lane, do they not realize people can't see them! It's not like there aren't plenty of crosswalks, there is one at least every half mile, often more frequent than that. Or what about the people who cross like 10 feet from the crosswalk, seriously you had to cut through traffic and risk your life to save yourself from walking 10 feet! It's just unbelievable!


RH said...

I completely agree!!! It is so unbelieveable how many people disreguard the crosswalks around here... isn't it still against the law, not to mention the saftey implications!

Robyn said...

Spoken like a true teacher :) No, seriously, I've always been afaid of hitting those idiots. Or the bike riders who ride in half the lane, and you don't even see them until you're right on their tail.

Tulip Girl said...

For years I have said they are just speed you see the smile on my face and the glint in my eye?