Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 1: New Jersey Trip

Today we set out on an adventure...New Jersey or bust! Our day started when the alarm went off at 2AM! After a few clicks of the snooze button we were up and ready to go at 3:30am. Now for a normal person this is a 10 hour drive, however we aren't your normal people.

Our first detour happened right off the bat when we realized the 75 is still closed, so we got to follow the detour through Detroit and actually drove under the Ambassador Bridge. Hop back on the freeway and we have smooth sailing until Ohio.

Get to Ohio and my memory of how to go doesn't match the directions that google gave us. So we decide to go with what I know and realize that we are now on a toll road with only a few dollars in change with us...opps! So we stop and look at a map and figure out how far we can go with the $$ we have then determine a route taking back country roads to get us from middle of nowhere Ohio to Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful scenic route but it really added time to our trip.

After I had been driving for 7 hours (and we were just barely in PA at that point) so we switched drivers. Jon drove for 4 hours (so most of but not all of's a long state) and then I took the rest of the stretch (so the final 3 hours). We did stop a few times but not as much as I thought we would.

It rained for most of our journey, drizzle through Ohio but pouring through PA. It was not an easy drive. And the hills in PA were terrible. It's like they are trying to lull you to sleep.

The lifesaver of the trip...I sent Jon to the store late last night to buy a portable DVD player. We got an awesome clearance deal for a dual screen DVD player so both kids had a screen where they could see it and they were happy as could be.

We are now at my Grandma's house and I have been awake for 18 hours and it's time for bed. We are staying in the camper outside since the beds in the house are all claimed (my dad and sister are here too).

The weather doesn't look to great but we will have fun anyway. I'll write more about the trip at a later time (since the rest of the trip hasn't happened yet).

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dawn said...

I guess I would have thought that driving through Ontario would have been the easier way to go.