Monday, August 31, 2009

Where did the summer go?

This summer has just flown by, and I've been a bad blogger. Let's pick up where we left off...the rest of our New Jersey trip was fine. It rained the entire time we were there and was a bit chilly, so we were indoors most of the time. We searched for a mall with a play area but apparently they just don't have those in NJ. Our last night there was quite the adventure, not so much in a good way though. We lost power at my Grandma's house which wasn't good. Grandma was on oxygen 24/7 and no power meant no breathing machine. She did have a portable one that she used but she wasn't getting enough oxygen and I had to call 911. Luckily my aunt and uncle lived right next door so they and my cousins came right over knowing more about what to do than I did. They also had a few neighbors down the road that were part of the response team for their area so my aunt called them right away so they got there within minutes. We left the next morning while Grandma was still in the hospital. Typical Grandma, she didn't want us to make a fuss over her so she insisted we still continue with our plans to leave the next morning. We drove pretty much to the Pennsylvania/Ohio border and decided to get a hotel for the night and drive the rest of the way home the next day. Pennsylvania just does a toll on us mentally, it's such a big state that it seems like it is never going to end so the break at the border was just what we needed. On a sad note I must also report that in mid-July Grandma did pass away. But on a much happier note she is now with her husband again in heaven, they have been apart for far too long...42 years.

Once home we spent our days at the zoo, library, pool, and several MOMS Club events. Jon finished his last few classes for his Master's degree (in fact he is presenting his "thesis" later this afternoon...I say "thesis" because it's not really a paper like a traditional thesis, instead he had to put together a compilation of all of his conducting experiences throughout school, just about as time consuming as a thesis would have been).

Emily's adoption was finalized in July, so she is officially ours. We are taking her to the temple this Saturday to be sealed to us. We chose this Saturday (Sept 5) because it is her 1st birthday as well, so we think that makes it extra special. She's grown so much this summer and we can't believe our little baby is going to be 1 in less than a week. This past Saturday we took her to get her ears pierced. She did great, only crying for a few minutes, and she looks so pretty.

Nathan has kept us busy this summer. He is still just a big ball of energy. He loves to go to nursery at church with his new nursery teacher. Nathan has been such a big helper at home too. He tries to take care of Emily and help us with the house work that needs to be done, his favorite thing to help with is cooking.

In August we went on our ward camp out, just a short little overnight with friends from church. The rain held off all night but first thing in the morning it all came down. Lucky for us I told Jon to take down the tent as soon as we had woken up, so it was still dry!

The big conclusion to our summer, the thing we most looked forward to all summer, was our trip to Disney World! Disney deserves a post all of it's own, so check back soon to see all about our trip.

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