Saturday, October 4, 2008

A New Tradition

We decided to start a new tradition today. It all started with the East Detroit High School Homecoming Parade. Because of the parade we couldn't get the the Warren Harvest Hay Day until it was almost over. We had planned on getting a free pumpkin but when we got there the line had a 2 hour wait and they couldn't guarantee that we would even get a pumpkin. So we came home and ate lunch when and then I had a brilliant idea, lets go to a real pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin. We had so much fun at the pumpkin patch that we decided to make this an annual event. Next year we will pick apples too.

Adding to the fun of family traditions we also decided that we will go to a cut your own tree place to get a Christmas tree. We have to do these things now, make all these great family memories, because before we know it we will blink and our kids will have kids of their own.

If you want to see pictures from the pumpkin patch check out Nathan's blog (there are a few on Emily's blog too).

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