Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Welcome Baby Tyler!

As of around 3am this morning (I was not really awake when Jon told me the exact time this morning) we have a little nephew! All I know is that he was a big boy (over 10 lbs, quite possibly bigger than Emily currently is and she's 6.5 weeks older, lol) delivered via c-section. I'm assuming it will be a few days before we can go see them (since we have the kids and can't bring them to the hospital) but we can't wait to meet little Tyler. Congrats Dave and Julie!

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Michelle said...

Just a little update. When you hear things from a man who got his info from another man, who got his info from yet another man things tend to get exaggerated somewhere. Tyler was just shy of 10 lbs (9lbs 13.9oz). We did get to vist at the hospital while Grandpa Bjorklund babysat, what a brave man! Tyler is the cutest Tyler that I know and by far my cutest nephew (I can say that since he's my only nephew). He's also one of the 3 cutest kids in the world.