Tuesday, December 2, 2008

He ate it! And asked for more.

Ok so technically this is a Nathan related post but I felt it fit on this blog better than on his because it's kinda a recipe...sorta. Nathan has been quite the picky eater (surprise, surprise...what do I expect). There are literally days when all he wants is milk. Last night we were playing and he said he was hungry and wanted an egg (an odd request since he typically doesn't like eggs). So I made him an egg and added a splash of vanilla and a bit of milk while scrambling it and he gobbled it up and asked for more.

So this morning for breakfast I asked him if he wanted an egg and he said no. So I asked if he wanted french toast, and he said French toast (when he repeats he means yes, when he says no he means no). He used to love French toast, but recently has been in a phase where he hates it. SO hesitantly I made him one piece of French toast (same protocol for making the egg as last nigh...splash of vanilla, bit of milk). Dipped the bread in and cooked it up. I did add some cinnamon and sugar to the back side of it. Once it was done I really got creative. I cut out two eyes and a mouth and filled them in with fruit (peaches for the eyes and strawberry for the mouth) and added some cheese for hair. Nathan LOVED it! In fact I left the kitchen to change Emily and when I returned he had eaten it all (I was gone maybe 2 minutes at the most, really how long does it take to change a baby?). So I made him another (sans smiley face this time). Afterward I was thinking next time I could use sausage or bacon for the eyes to make them stand out more.

Lessons learned: Let Nathan pick what he wants to eat more often and whenever possible serve it with a smile!


The Butler Family said...

What a great idea. Must have been inspiration from on high. :) Emma is ToTaLlY picky and I never know what to do when she refuses her staples - mac & cheese, hotdogs, grilled cheese. Plus I would like her to eat more than that anyway. I'll have to try serving her food with a smile too. :)

Chel said...

So creative...looks yummy!