Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wii Wish you a Merry Christmas!

Well this year my parents win the most shocking and surprising gift award. I was talking with my mom and she told me that they had gotten my sister a Wii for Christmas. So in typical sibling rivalry fashion "I want a Wii, I'm putting in my request for next year." On Christmas we arrived at my parents house and were shocked (Jon more so than me...the look on his face was priceless) as we opened our Wii. My mom said they were planning to give us cash and decided that since we wanted a Wii also to just use that cash to get us the Wii. I've pulled just about every muscle in my back and can barely move but it's so fun.

This year Nathan was really into the whole present aspect of Christmas. After opening every gift he wanted to take it out and play with it. And Emily had no idea what was going on but next year she will.

Christmas Eve:

Making a "Graham Cracker" House

Opening the Christmas Eve gift (always jammies)

Wearing his new jammies

The loot

I will add more pictures (specifically from Christmas Day and Round 2, as I like to call it, the day after Christmas) at some other point, notice I don't give a time frame since I have no idea when it will happen. It could be tomorrow it could be July, lol!


Jen B. said...

Wiiiii -- what fun! we just love ours and know you guys will have a blast with it. You just HAVE to get the Wii fit -- fun for the whole family. Looks like a wonderful Christmas.

Texas Lisa said...


Robyn said...

We got Wii too! Isn't it a blast?!

Chel said...

Love the pics of the kids... especially Nathan with the gingerbread house.