Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am so bored!

You would think that having the house essentially to myself would be a good thing. Jon's at band rehearsal, Nathan is asleep...but I am BORED out of my mind. Maybe if this was a once in a while occurrence I would really enjoy it, but this is what my entire fall and most of the winter is going to be like. Just me all by my lonesome, trying to keep myself busy. Can't go anywhere because the munchkin is sleeping. Well maybe we will get another baby here sometime soon and that will definitely keep me busy and I will not be bored anymore. And now I feel like I am rambling so that is it, I'm done.


Jen B. said...

Bored? It is definitely time for #2. I sometimes wish I could be bored but then again, if I ever am bored then it is time for me to catch a little sleep :-)

Anne/kq said...

I don't know, I have three and I still get bored an awful lot... Or rather, would, if I wasn't wasting all my time online.

melissa said...

come over here with nathan then nathan and nicholas can play together time for toddler playdates again